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WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 Takeaways – Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

My final major takeaway from WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 happens to be the hardest lesson I have had to learn so far as a business owner.  If you want to grow and expand, you must outsource. Kathi Minsky shared a lot of great insights on the topic. As … [Read more]

WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 Takeaways – The Beauty of Sponsored Content

Potential advertisers want to be on websites that fit their niche, that consistently produce great content and that receive a a lot of visitors. But generating revenue that provides adequate compensation for the work it takes to create and manage … [Read more]

WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 Takeaways – We Love Telling Stories

I attended WordCamp Las Vegas at The Innevation Center on Dec. 12 and thought the event was outstanding. I left feeling energized and eager to move forward with my career journey. All the presenters did a great job. Three that particularly … [Read more]

The State of Rural Economies

Ben Rowley, owner of Nevada Central Media, took a look at rural economies in the Silver State. Here's an excerpt. Rural counties in the United States gained about 150,000 jobs over the last 12 months, according to the Daily Yonder. The rural … [Read more]

Preparing to Create Your Website

With the various applications out there designed to streamline website creation, it's never been easier to build an attractive, effective website for your business. However, planning is still a must. If you pick the right tools and build your site … [Read more]

Before and After: Molasky

We had a great time updating the website for one of the top real estate developers in the Southwest. Sometimes updating an existing site can be challenging - as design methods can be out of date or difficult to navigate. However, Molasky wanted to … [Read more]

Strengthening Rural Business

Nevada Central Media wants to see rural business thrive. The steady migration to metro areas has put a strain on many rural communities, making the dream of a sustainable rural lifestyle difficult to obtain.  Our cities have become so big that we … [Read more]

Online Reputation – Building a Rep that Lasts

Several Las Vegas PR professionals were interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal on the state of the industry in the area.  These are people I've had the opportunity to connect with, and I'm impressed with how their firms both weathered a rough … [Read more]

Content Value: Do Not Undervalue Your Content

Are we ever going to get a grip on content value? News Corp is throwing its content behind a paywall, ridding itself of third party ad networks (e.g. Google Adsense), and charging a premium for its online ad space, according to The Guardian. I … [Read more]

Responsive Design

With 56% of American adults owning a smartphone and that number likely to continue rising, responsive design has become a big part of a dramatic shift occurring in web design. More and more of us surf the Internet from our smartphones, creating … [Read more]