Rydan Banis

Lead Graphic Designer

Rydan leads the way in Nevada Central Media’s multitude of graphic design work. He moves from one project to the next with ease as he builds great designs for websites, newspapers, magazines, logos and advertisements. He joined Nevada Central Media soon after the company was formed, and his talent, incredible work ethic, and dependability, are behind much of our success.

Rydan went to school for game design and graphic design/animation at Hi-Tech Institute in Arizona. He’s worked a wide variety of jobs since he was in 6th grade, including working at a scrap yard, shirt printing, stunt work, lab tech, security, a printing company and barista.

Rydan is a kind, humorous guy and a family man, who outside of the office enjoy’s game design, free running, drawing, board game creating/playing, prototyping projects with raspberry pi, and writing stories. He loves to create and build things, and he loves to learn. If anything even remotely peaks his interest he wants to learn all he can about it, even down to the smallest thing like juggling.

One of Rydan’s biggest goals is to eventually launch his own indie game company. Also, at some point he wants to provide free and affordable 3D prosthetics. Overall, he wants to be an influence on the changing world.