Josh Roemer

Account Manager

Josh is an expert in business development, and helps us immensely in building new business relationships through all aspects of Nevada Central Media. He lives in Alamo, Nevada with his wife and two children. He graduated from University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and was previously employed at Aribex as an inventory manager and SolutionReach as a senior account executive. However, growing up he worked as a laborer on his small family farm for his dad and grandpa. A few things Josh enjoys doing outside of work are working in the yard (taking care of the chickens), hunting, fishing, video games, reading and above all, skiing. He has accomplished many things but a few he is most proud of are getting to where he is at today with his family,  He was able to finish school, as well as being successful in his jobs as manager and sales representative. Landing his first 360 on skis and shooting his first bull elk and deer were pretty proud moments in Josh's life too. Lastly, He hopes to one day provide a comfortable living and secure future for his family financially. He wants to own his own property and create a homestead with animals.