Cheyenne Lynnae Bowman


Cheyenne brings great talent and ambition to our team and has been an immense help with the day-to-day management of our client publications, as well as some new projects. Her education has been a little unusual, and she has been able to try out a bit of everything, and that same freedom shifted into work experience. She started a dance studio, worked as a teacher at a private school, worked as a special education aide at a charter school, and in retail at Deseret Book. Cheyenne's free moments are filled with cooking and/or reading. Usually without a recipe if she's cooking, and always under a pile of blankets if she's reading. She loves to spend her time researching new and often unconventional ideas, planning out and developing projects or businesses and solving problems that she comes across during the process. She's most proud of the moments when she pushed through fear and accomplished things that sparked terror in the very core of her. Some of those things were writing three novels by the time she was 13 years old then going on to edit, design and publish them. She started her own dance studio when she as 14 and then managed the business on her own. Cheyenne has set many goals in her life. She hopes to see a day when young and old actively create our world with hope, confidence, and vision. Her goal is to not only start her own businesses in her community that will benefit and build up the people she loves, but also teach others to do the same.